About Pierre D'Amours

Photograph, formation architect, light and color are my passions!

Sur les remparts

Sur les remparts Fleuris de poudreuses Promesses, le vent Dans les Vauban Mon cœur, une forteresse À perdre haleine Bat la liesse et Chasse les miasmes

Honorable Mention Geometry 2016 NEW YORK CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC ART

This image of the Biosphère has won an Honorable Mention in the contest Geometry 2016 organised by the New York Center for Photographic art.  The competition was juried by Louise Clements, more than 1200 were submitted : http://www.formatfestival.com/louise-clements The gallery can be viewed here: http://www.nyc4pa.com/#!geometry-2016-1/cd6w Thanks to the New York Center for Photographic Arts.

“Montreal Shorelines” photo competition

Third prize in the "Montreal Shorelines" photo competition:   City of Montreal press release: "Montreal Shorelines" photo competition - Announcing the winners!

How a Clear Mind Sharpen the Photographic Eye

Mindfulness and meditation, what can they have in common with photography?  Landscape photography is dependent on a lot of parameters that demand awareness and concentration in short lapses of time during which the suitable lighting is available, especially during sunrises and sunsets.  It can be very physical at times when you dance around the scene to find the original composition, the fresh point of view.  Also often misplaced and unseen stress is the main reason behind the blank page syndrome.  The fear to under perform, the pressure to do something interesting or original is common to all creative task.  To be there, relax, [...]

Photographic Adventures in an Urban Landscape

This blog will be about my adventures as a photographer which happen mainly in Montreal, the city I inhabit since 2010. I will share my experiences and motivations, and risk seeing my way of practicing photography evolve drastically under your eyes! Technical stuff is very well covered elsewhere on the web, what I will do is present the creative side and the context behind the images that I think are my best ones. Nevertheless, photography is very dependant on technology and in this article, I will explain my working process and share the origins of it. I began to [...]